Month: March 2019

Dental Implants Encino CA

Are you looking for a beautiful and strong tooth replacement option? Go for dental implants an absolute way and solution to your problems. Visit Dr. Ira J. Moin, a well-experienced implantologist who is famous for his dedication towards helping his patients. He makes sure to achieve the desired result and return his patient happy and satisfied. Dr. Moin made dental implants at Encino CA possible.

Local Cosmetic Dentist

If you feel embarrassed about your smile due to uneven or discolored teeth, then cosmetic dentistry has a solution. The factors that are considered during treatment include face appearance, teeth (length, width, shape, color, and tooth display), lips and gum tissue. Cosmetic dentistry requires expertise and excellent aesthetic eye. You can visit some local cosmetic dentist and get the idea about the procedure, requirements, and precautions.

Dental Office at Encino

Dr. Moin is certified as both implantologist and prosthodontist. He also knows sinus lifts, bone grafting, periodontal surgery, gum grafting, and more. Well, you don’t need to wait for long to have a beautiful and natural smile. You can visit the Dental office at Encino of Dr. Moin and start with your treatment.