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Get Fit & Stay Fit With Implant Dentures

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Getting dentures seemed like the right idea at the time.

You lost a whole row of your teeth, and you figured out pretty quickly that life without those teeth wasn’t enjoyable.

You didn’t sound like yourself when you spoke. You were self-conscious about opening your mouth since you thought people would pay more attention to your mouth than what you were trying to say.

You no longer wanted to smile for pictures.

And don’t get us started about how losing your teeth affected how you ate.

Dentures seemed like the solution. They looked like teeth when they were in your mouth, and you could eat more than you could without teeth, right?

Ira J. Moin, D.D.S., has helped patients in similar situations. He also knows how to help you get more benefits and fewer frustrations from your dentures. Just make an appointment at our dentist office if you live in or near Encino, CA, to learn how dental implants could help you.

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